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Message in a Bottle

History is replete with stories of messages in bottles. An active means of communication, messages in bottles have been used since time immemorial. A sealed bottle is one of the most seafaring objects in the world. You will be amazed to know that a fragile and sealed bottle can travel safely through the huge hurricanes
that can otherwise sink even the great ships. From a ship wreck that occurred 250 years back along the English coast, 18 bottles were recovered in 1954 and amazingly, those bottles were safe and the liquor inside was intact.

The direction of a sealed bottle left in open sea cannot be determined. Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus released the first message in a bottle around 310 BC in order to prove that the inflowing Atlantic Ocean formed the Mediterranean Sea. Christopher Columbus on his way back from Spain encountered
a severe storm and to inform the Queen of Spain about his discovery he used this method.

The 16th century English navy used bottle messages for sending information regarding enemy positons. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I appointed an official to serve as Uncorker of Bottles. She imposed the decree that any unauthorized person shouldn't open a message in a bottle.

One of the most touching events is that of Chunosuke Matsuyama. Being a shipmate and a Japanese shipman, Matsuyama was stuck in a shipwreck in 1784 with 43 other people. carving a short account of their experience on a piece of wood, Matsuyama bottled the piece of wood and threw it in the sea hoping for someone to find it someday. Strangely enough after 150 years of his death, the same bottle with the wood carving in it reached the village where he was born.

Flying Dutchman is the bottle that is known to have made the longest voyage since 1929. Launched by German scientific expedition this bottle started its journey from the southern Indian Ocean. This bottle floated to the southern edge of South America while catching up on an eastern current. This bottle contained a message stating who ever found it can report its location and throw it back to the sea. After being thrown
back into the sea for several times, the bottle made its way to the Atlantic and again went back to the Indian Ocean. Finally in 1935, this bottle's journey came to an end as it reached the west coast of Australia.

Lovers since time immemorial have used messages in bottles simply to convey their feelings to their loved ones. A message in a bottle is a unique way to present a love letter. Alternatively, If you are looking for a personalised gift or a keepsake, why not touch your lover's heart with an exclusive Message on a Necklace? With a Message on a Necklace your love letter is inserted into a glass vial pendant. This allows your loved one to wear your message on a beautiful necklace of your choice? Make your candle light dinner a extra special occasion with this innovative message gift.


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