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Tips for writing a love letter

A love letter is a way of expressing your thoughts and feelings in a written form. It can be written for many different reasons perhaps you could use a love letter to communicate affection or to say 'I love you'. It can be used to make someone feel appreciated or special. It can be used to seduce that special person that you have your eye on. You may even want to present a marriage proposal through a love letter.

We conducted a survey to find out if women like it when their significant other writes them a love letter. When asked, "Do you like it when your boyfriend/husband/fiance write you a love letter?". 90% of our respondents said 'yes'.

A love letter gives that special person a tangible expression of your feelings. It serves as a keepsake that the recipient can treasure forever. Whenever the recipient reads the love letter they can re-live all the thoughts and feelings that they felt when it was written. A love letter is a way of capturing the emotional essence of the present moment in time so that it can be savoured again in the future.

Letters of affection can be used beyond the context of a romantic relationship. You can use the written word to express your love, care and appreciation for a friend, a family member or anyone else that you may be fond of.

Your love letter should be written from the heart. It is important to be expressive and honest. There are no hard and fast rules to writing a love letter. But here are some general guidelines to make it easier:

To make a lasting impression consider Message on a Necklace. We provide a special and unque way to give that special person a love letter that they will treasure for ever.